Mouse Over Stack Viewer & cards in a Hand Window

Appealing to anyone with insight into using the Mouse Over Stack Viewer in conjunction with a “Hand Window”…

In my module, the Pieces (cards) in the Hand Window are Stackable (or else the automated hand management doesn’t work) and the Hand Window is defined as a card-sized grid.

It seems that cards next to each other in the window get viewed together. I can not get the MOS Viewer to display just the single card that is “moused over”, unless I move that card to an isolated slot first. My testing shows that this because the cards - even when separated - remain part of a stack; CurrentX is identical between stacked cards even though visually the cards are separated. I am wondering if there is some filter I can use but CurrentX==$CurrentX$ wouldn’t work of course and, moreover, a criteria that does differ does not work either.

I have a feeling that Vassal needs an update to make Mouse-Over-Stack Viewer should behave differently in a Hand Window from how it would normally behave but does anyone know if is there a way to make this work as (IMO) it intuitively should work - mouse over a card, zoom that card and only that card.

All of the cards in a ‘Hand’ are actually in a single stack where the left hand card is located, with highly raked stacking options to make them look like they are laid out side by side. If you don’t want this behaviour, just use a normal Map Window instead and have separate locations for the cards to live in.

Michael Kiefte did a custom class in the Twilight Struggle module for mouseover zoom in a Player Hand. It works great.

Thanks Brent and Joel. Interesting to hear that someone looked at this. I suspect it would be a useful addition to the core code.

On reflection, for my use, it will be fair to expect the player to zoom the entire window to suit their needs, and dispense with mouseover. The expanded-stack feature of the Hand Window is great and saved some fiddly code.

Separate hand-window tip, in case useful to anyone else; I had an issue with cards dragged into “free space” in the window not “joining” the stack - sometimes resulting in cards being hidden behind another card. I realised this is easily fixed with a move trigger and Send-to-Location (to leftmost space in the row).