Mouse Over Stack Viewer Glitch?

In the module I have it programmed that cards are automatically sent by Global Key Commands from one deck to empty deck piles (that will automatically refresh if they are emptied). After the automatic send (upon a turn counter moving forward), the deck piles mouse over zoom fails to function properly (but will work beforehand, or if the card is manually moved, or even clicked and dragged for a moment without going anywhere). All the settings in the deck options are correct to allow the zoom to work.

Is there something else I can check that could be causing this to fail?

It’s 3 years later, and I have the same problem, which I believe is a Vassal bug.

I have a face-down card deck and a face-up discard pile. I want the mouse-over viewer to work with the top card of the discard pile.

It works as expected if I drag a card from anywhere (deck, table) to the discard pile.
It works as expected if I right-click a card on the table, sending it to the discard pile.
It does NOT work if I use any sort of global key command that moves the top card from the face-down deck directly to the discard pile. I tried everything to fool it, but it refuses to zoom the top card of the discard pile unless I pull off the top card and then put it back.

Does this still occur with 3.4.11, or whatever the current version is when you read this?

It’s fixed with 3.4.11.