Mouse-over Stack Viewer without image

Has anyone successfully implemented a text-only Mouse-over Stack Viewer on a non-stacking piece? I’m trying to display text only for the mouse-over but it only works on stacking pieces. The viewer always draws an image for a piece with the “Does Not Stack” trait even when “Draw Image” is unchecked in the Mouse-over Stack options. When it’s unchecked, it doesn’t draw images for stacking pieces, but it ALWAYS draws images for non-stacking pieces.

If one of the developers can chime in, I suspect this is a bug as I’ve confirmed it never works. I found a workaround by reducing the zoom factor to 0, but probably better to fix than for designers to stumble upon that Easter egg. Also “Text below each piece” only works if “Draw pieces” is checked.

Try the VASSAL-3.4.12-SNAPSHOT-1217d7a3c test build, available here:

Does that fix the problem?