Mouse-over Stack Viewer

In my module there are two different kind of spaces and I’d like to have a different color text label when hovered-over with the mouse.

I’ve tried HTML in the spaces names (Zone names) but I don’t like it, don’t want HTML when reporting moves, etc.

So I’m triying this approach. I’d like to have two different Mouse-Over Stack Viewers. One with black “Border/Text color”, and then a second one with red for example. I can put the Zone Names inside special characters “·” for example, and filter them like in the attached image. It works ok.

Except when there is no unit in the space, of course. I selected “display when at least…” 0 units will be included. But the property filter refers to a Piece Property.

Not a big deal, this is good enough for me. But I’m curious if you guys can think of any way to get this done.

Ah, I see you’ve made yourself a 3.5 build :slight_smile: Good to get some early testing!

You do have the “Text for empty location” field, and if you checked the “Enable HTML and Quick Colors” box above, then you could possibly do some HTML trick with $…$ substitution. It will give you valid piece-independent results for $LocationName$, $CurrentZone$, $CurrentBoard$ and $CurrentMap$ in that field, so there might be some way to make a proper style for your zone? It’s not coming to me off the top of my head but that would be the hook I’d be trying to use. Unfortunately I don’t think that field accepts Beanshell logic.

It’s like we need a special space-selection filter in addition to piece selection!

If I use HTML colors to decorate the Zone names, then when I move a piece, the report log will appear colored. I don’t want that.

Of course I could use some CP combined with some regex magic to remove the html tags, but that would be cumbersome and error prone, I’d rather avoid that.

Better might be NOT having HTML in the base zone names, but giving the things a CP that supplies their name with HTML added around it, for the situations where you want it?

I see that’s indeed the right way to go. I will play around with this approach see if I can get somewhere. Thanks!