Mouse-over still displaying for a single item when configured for "at least 2"

Just wondering how come this configuration for “at least 2” still results in a display with a single item:

Single card in the right position results in this:

Is this a bug or could something else be going on ?

Thought this must be a location issue but having tightened up the zone definitions and changed the Mouseover criteria, I still get the problem.

I now realise that it is affecting other completely unrelated Mouse-Overs configured on other pieces. Seems like a bug but I reckon I would have seen it before.

Don’t forget the next option after Display when at least this many pieces will be included; is your zoom level less than 1.0 (it looks like it from that pic)?

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Ah, yes!! I’ve mis-understood what “Always display when…” actually meant. That would explain it and some other things! Thanks for unblocking my thinking!