Mouse Over Zoom Only Showing Top Part of Map

When I use Mouse Over Zoom on my map, only the top half is magnified. How can I fix it so that I am able to magnify all parts of the map using the Mouse Over Zoom?

Do you mean an Overview Window? If that’s it, you can drag the little rectangle around the map to view different parts of it. Or you can adjust the magnification level in the editor to control how much of the map is shown in the rectangle.

Unless I’m doing something wrong, the Window Overview doesn’t seem to help with the Mouse Overview. The Mouse Overview can zoom up the cards, tokens fine, but when it comes to the map itself only part of it is enlarged and the rest I can’t see it.

Normally the mouseover stack viewer doesn’t show the map at all–just stacked pieces. However, it’s possible that the map is a set of ‘pieces’ like map tiles or something along those lines…

What module are you looking at? I’ll have a peek.