Move a random card from one deck to other

I have not design a lot of card games in vassal. I wonder what is the more easy way to take a random card from a deck and sent to other deck with one order, not moving with the cursor (not manually).

It is like ‘Sent to’ but not a specific card, it is for one of the deck card, the first for example.

Thanks in advance.
Alberto Romero

Send to Location trait on the cards will do this. You will need to define a zone or region where the target deck sits. Does that answer your question?

Return-to-deck might be better.

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Thanks for your idea. Finaly I found other question that show me a solution, because it is better that the cards hold the position they are. Then I create a Delegated card that move to a deck and draw a delegated. then this delete the random card and finaly the delegates are erased.

Thansk for your answer!