Move # of cards from Deck A to Deck B

I have tried several methods and I cannot determine how to move a card(s) from Deck A to Deck B. What is the best practice for this?


[update] Let me add that among the things I have tried are Move To Location and Return to Deck. They both work when the card is not in a deck, but don’t work when a card is in a deck.

I always find it quite hard to keep the exact steps straight in my head but here goes.

The core bit is the “return to deck” trait. So in your prototype for these cards you want to have that as a trait. You can hard-code Deck B. Just to test that bit you could make the key command “Ctrl-B” or whatever. Then to test it draw a card from Deck A and then do CTrl-B on it.

The next bit is that you can add a command to Deck A. As I recall you do this by right-clicking on Deck A in the module editor. I think you should be able to directly connect these two components. So you make the command execute Ctrl-B on # cards in Deck A.

(Maybe you need to set up a hot key to connect them, but as I said I don’t think so.)

Then you probably want to change Ctrl-B to something like “send_to_deck_B” everywhere so that it can no longer be done outside of Deck A. Obviously they still need to match and they need to match everywhere.

Looks like we cross-posted while I was updating. I think I have already tried what you have described, but I will try again one step at a time.


You helped me out. I realized that I needed a Deck Global Key Command on the losing deck. That did the trick.

Thank you.

Scrap everything I wrote above. I finally determined the cause of my problem to be that the prototype that my cards were supposedly tied to was not the case. The link was somehow broken. When I went back to each card, removed, and readded the prototype everything started working.

So, the final tale of this posting is… never trust that a prototype binding is still bound. Trust but verify.