Move piece onto another piece, then send target to new map

I feel like I have a trait order problem or an issue with a Trigger, but I’ve tried this about a half dozen different ways and can’t get it working. On the main game map I have a bunch of At-Start Stacks, each of which contains a VP marker that can be claimed. I’ll narrow this to just one case to keep it as simple as possible.

I have an Explorer piece. One of his submenu commands is “Amazon River”. This action changes the Global Property AmazonDiscovery from an initial value of “none” to “Hapsburg”. Using a test message, I know that the GP is being set to the correct value by the Set Global Property trait. Then the Explorer piece uses a Send to Location to teleport onto the Amazon River VP marker in its At-Start Stack. This all works just fine.

My intent is to send this Amazon River marker off to a named zone on a different map board once it gets claimed. It has a Trigger set up where the property match is “AmazonDiscovery = Hapsburg”. Once the property is matched, it executes a Perform Keystroke to do the Send to Location action.

Unfortunately the Amazon River marker just stays in place. I can right-click and successfully send it to the other map board–the only part that isn’t working is it moving there automatically once the Explorer piece has altered the GP and moved.

Here’s a link to the module: Here I Stand module on Google Docs

Grab one of the yellow explorers from the stack in the upper left, then try the Amazon River action. The destination is supposed to be the Hapsburg Bonus VP box on the Power Cards map board.

You are close.
What you need is a Global Key Command trait that the explorer will execute after it has arrived at the amazon river marker
The trigger should be on the explorer controlling all this.

Explorer components:

Trigger Ctrl A (Amazon River Sequence) Command Name: Amazon Tiver
performs Shift A
Performs Alt A
Performs Ctrl Shift A

Set Global Property (Shift A) change property AmazonDiscovery to Hapsburg
Send To Location (Alt A) sends piece to Amazon River Marker
Global Key Command (Ctrl Shift A) executes Ctrl A using property filter: BasicName = Amazon River

Explorer piece is complete. Now on the Amazon River Piece we have
Trigger with key command Ctrl A and property filter AmazonDiscovery = Hapsburg
performs Ctrl H

Send To Location (Ctrl H) to wherever

Outstanding, that worked like a charm. God I was driving myself bonkers. I very much appreciate the assistance! :mrgreen: