Moveable vs immobile pieces

I apologise if this has been discussed already, but I am trying to catch up after a year away (back then vs was like 2.9.something and there was a poll in progress to suggest new features).

In the FAQ there is a suggestion on how to make certain pieces unmovable (by restricting access to a fake side), is that still the only option or are there better ways?

I am asking because I read on the help pages that there is a piece property called “Immobile”. When/how is this set?

More in general, is it nowadays possible to limit which pieces can move and/or which regions/zones/boards/maps they are allowed to move to/from/around, possibly with the possibility of dynamically changing these constraints?

Ideally, I have certain pieces which I would like the owners to be able to move freely in a certain board of a certain map, but not freely when they are moved to other boards/maps (movement to, around and from those should be controlled by send-to-location only).

If that is still not possible, and won’t be in the foreseable future, is it possible to use the dirty trick suggested in the FAQ (to make an unit unmovable) and then still allow moving it via send-to-location for a given player side (not the fake one)?

The best way to make an unmoveable piece is to use the ‘Does Not Stack’ trait. It has options to restrict the ‘selectablity’ and ‘moveability’ of a piece. This works best in combination woth Game Piece Layers where you reserve the bottom layer for immoveable pieces.


Quite possibly, it will be interesting to see what you find.


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