Movement trails & Image Capture

We have a naval module that includes movement trails for all the ships. We don’t erase the trails each turn because we want them for the AARs when the game is finished. At the end of each turn we hoped to use the Image Capture tool to aid us in recreating the battle for the AAR. During the test game, we discovered that the movement trails are not included with in the PNG file created by the Image Capture. Does anyone know how to get the movement trails shown on the PNG file?

You could use Shift-Prt Scr in Windows and edit the image yourself.

Windows Print Screen function doesn’t give me what I want. To get all the ships to display on the screen I have to zoom so far out that the ships and ship names are specks on the screen. Currently, I take about 6-8 screenshots (using the Print Screen function) at the normal zoom level and paste them all together to make a single image. This gets very time consuming when I have to do it for every turn of the game.