Moving Counters and Reporting question

Is it possible to move a counter manually on the board (click and drag) and still have it reported in the chat interface?
Is it possible to have an invisible counter movement reported in the chat interface? To both sides?
Thank you for your help.


Yes, definitely. You need to do 2 things to get this to happen:

  1. In the Global Options component for the module, make sure ‘Auto-report moves’ is set to ‘Always’ or ‘Use Preferences Setting’.

  2. In the Map component, make sure the two ‘Auto-report format for movement…’ options have a suitbale movement report format in them

Movement of Invisible is not reported, but I think perhaps it should be.

If movement of a Masked piece is report as

  • ? moves 0309 → 0310 *

then movement of an Invisible piece should probably be reported as

  • ? moves ? → ? *

To at least indicate that the player is moving invisible peices around, which would be significant in a game where the Invisible peices are not supposed to move.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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Thanks for your reply.

I agree.
I’m designing a skirmish style game.
Snipers are placed invisible during deployment.
Having the reporting of any further movement would safeguard against cheating :laughing:

Edit: I was thinking. If i remove the ability to unmark the movement trail from the sniper counter that would act as a guide. Proving that the sniper hasn’t been moved since its deployment.

This will be included in version 3.1.0.


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