Moving to map generates random number

Is there a way to roll a die when moving a unit to the map? I’ve tried the option of assigning a “key command to all units ending movement on this map” but it won’t roll a die. I’m pretty sure I’ve assigned the dynamic property and trigger actions correctly because a unit moved to the map will open a text box and ask for the die roll result. The last rolled number (rolled manually) appears on the counter. It’s just that a new die roll is not being generated when I move the next counter to the map. The die roll result also does not appear in the message window.

What I’m trying to do is assign and mark a random number (1-6) on a counter when it is moved to the map. I’m 80% there. I just need VASSAL to generate a new random number whenever a counter is moved to the map for the first time.

Thanks for your time.


Sounds like your close. The piece should have a trigger which fires a GK to
roll the dice. The dice roll can then be stored as a GP which the piece can

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Thanks Tim.

I needed to use a trigger to fire a global hot key since rolling a die is a main map function. I was trying to roll the die using a trigger action for the piece itself.

Simple now that you’ve shown me the way.

Thanks again.