Multiple Boards - how to organize them

I’m looking at some existing modules to understand.
It looks like when you create a map with multiple boards, you can define where to position them, only once ?
Editing the buildfile, I see a tag with coordinates.
Is that the way you do things at the end ?
In Race For The Galaxy module, there are 8 differents boards: 4 identical based on the same image, for the 4 players, and 4 more named : top, bottom, side, middle. But I see nothing in the editor to allow them to be positioned.

Any tutorial somewhere ?

I’d like to use from 5 to 8 maps dealt randomly at start, based on number of players. Then each map, identical in shape and size would have the same zones and options to position markers and pieces.
But I want them visible on 1 big map … potentialy with 1 extra of these small maps being added during 1st turn.

Is that clear and obvious ? Any lead ?

Thank you

The tag in build file seems to represent a 3x3 grid from 0,0 to 2,2.
But in the editor, I have no way to see that once it’s been set. Can you confirm ? I just need to trust what was set at first, or edit the build file.

I’d like to present from 5 to 7 maps (all same size and shapes) randomly picked at start, from a deck of 11.
Plus a potential extra map chosen by 1 player during 1st turn.
Once positioned, these maps (should I treat them as pieces to place on the maps, for interaction?) won’t move but some extra pieces will come on them.

Should I create a grid of 3x3 with some default white boards, and send the pieces to these boards at start ?

Thank you for suggestions

Yes, the setup multiple board tool let you defined a grid of board, which is saved and works and all, but when you re-open it it will appear that there is no grid defined. You have to jot down notes to remember which board went where. I have been asking periodically to fix this in a future release but not sure anybody noticed. However, you can redefine the grid as you wish and save and it will work, it’s not just a one off.

There is no way that I know of to have boards randomly setup. If you need a 2x3 grid, say, and all boards are the same, in size, zones, grids etc, as you already figured out yourself, you can just predefine equal empty boards (with zones, grids etc) and then place a random image in each board (place all these in a deck elsewhere and draw from the deck with a startup gkc).

Thanks for the confirmation.
Now, is it possible to fix some boards, and some others proposed from a menu?
I’d like a 3x3 grid with external boards always the same for decks, piles, counters on designed background, and the middle board to be chosen once at game start.
That would make the whole module lighter, as redundant bgd images wouldn’t need to be a part of the real playground.

No, not to my knowledge.

Ok, thx. I added that to the Feature Request forum. A present idea for Xmas 21 ?