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The module I am working on has multiple boards. There is one board where the cards are flipped and read, and there is a second board where time and score are kept. Unlike most games however the time and score should stay visible all the time (time goes very quickly in play).

I am a ways from setting it up but there will also be a third board with player ‘cards’ in a at-start pile (the bench) and multiple named zones for player positions (with a “return to bench” command and commands to move to the different positions).

In an ideal world these would be (dockable?) windows, all separated from the server controls window and give the user the choice how to size them and set them up on his screen.

But first off it looks like the first map window listed (maybe the first one defined in the editor regardless of where it is listed?) is going to have the server controls and text window.

Second, if I use separate map windows I run into an issue where the user can close the map window, which I need to avoid. Minimizing would be fine, moving around the screen would be fine, but closing is not good. If that is the price for user layout then it is too high a price to pay and better to use multiple boards in the same window.

But if I understand correctly using map boards within the same map window is going to deprive the user of the ability to configure the layout to suit. So… okay if that is how it has to be I can deal with it. But if there is a way to do this correctly I would appreciate a tip as to how.

Thanks for reading yet another editor usage question from me. Meantime back to “add card” multiplied by some large number…

Thus spake “IrishBouzouki”:

VASSAL 3.2 will have docking.


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Meantime I guess I go with fixed boards on the same map window.