Multiple card decks as choice to play

I want offer different card decks as choice, one of them the players can select at start to play.
So i created a new “card decks” window and added all (4 different) card decks.
I activated then the possibility, “Include command to send entire deck to another deck”,
so the players can send their selection to the gaming deck.
This works so far, but now my question.

Can i add a command, so the other decks are blocked, after the players have choosen once a deck to play?

Hide the Card decks window (via toolbar menu) and make it inaccessible and have a start up GKC that prompts player to select the deck they will use

Blood Bowl mod has a similar example of this type of setup using action buttons instead

Sent you a PM

I’ll make you a simple demo this evening

ok here you go. A simple button prompt selector. The decks are on a hidden map that normally would be inaccessible (although I have given it a Ctrl F12 hotkey for you to open if you wish in the demo - hotkey field would normally be empty) As soon as the selection of deck is done, the selecting button is destroyed to prevent further manipulating.

This can be adapted in many ways with multiple scenarios (as you saw from the BloodBowl Mod), you can get very complex setups. but this is the basic root system


Thx very much :slight_smile:

Well, i have a first testmodule ready now, but the different decks don´t works correct and i don´t know why.

I have 4 card decks to choose.
1 blue 70 card deck or a green 75 card deck or a green 90 card deck and optional
a red 50 card deck.

I have a setup scenario and saved it. If i want open this scenario and join either side, it shows sometimes the decks with much more cards as there are in (double number of cards).

It can happen, that the number of cards are correct, if i join as Allies for example,
but if i open same savefile as French, i have these problems.
This apply to all decks.
I dont know, where is the mistake?