Multiple "Choose Boards" Options in Wizard

I’m designing a module and am getting multiple instances of “Choose Board” when completing the launch Wizard to play a game.

When I look at the drop-down menus, the only option offered is “Select Board”, nothing else. I can’t identify what I’ve done wrong and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.

Possibly you haven’t defined any Board for your map?

Thanks - in the end, I think I stumbled on the solution. I saved the module and re-loaded it later - the problem had vanished.

However, I have encountered a new problem. I have placed a Private Window in the module to become the location for one player’s hand of cards. It will be used to hold, play and discard Action Cards for the player’s turn. However, when I run the module, this Private Window seems to be taken as the Main map because when I close it, the game closes as well!

Any thoughts?

Solved that one too! I needed to include a toolbar button, save the module and then re-open. The guide note to this effect is a littl confusing.

A follow-up on this thread:

The game I am working with is set in WW2. I have set up a Private Window called “Axis Counters” to hold Axis counters and I want to have two Boards (children of the Axis Map Board), one for Italy and one for Germany. I set this up and expected, when I ran the module, that, when choosing the Axis Counters window, I would be asked to select the Board I wanted (German or Italian). However, this did not happen. The German board was defaulted to and there appears to be no way of accessing the Italian Board.

What am I doing wrong?

I just ran the module again and was offered the option to choose the German or Italian Board - but right at the start of the module load, not when I access the Axis Counters menu item after beginning the game. This choice holds for the rest of the game. Have I not positioned the Private Window correctly in the module structure? If that is the case, where should it go?

[attachment=0]Image2.jpg[/attachment] Here’s a screen dump of the appropriate part of my module.

I think a Map (which is what a Private Window is) can usually only have one “Board” active per game? There’s some multiple board version I haven’t personally used that lets you put several boards together on one map, but that’s more for a game like Squad Leader where mapboards get placed adjacent to each other in various shapes. And definitely in any event they always get set at the beginning of the game and then there’s never a choice after that.

For the application you’re describing (an Axis force pool, divided into German and Italian parts?) I think you’d be better off with e.g. a single Board that included both sections. If you’re starting with two separate pieces of art you could use some tool to combine them into a single image file? Alternatively, if you really want to have two separate force pools, then you’d need to create two different private windows, each with one board.


Did you check the “Can contain multiple boards?” checkbox when you created the Private Window?

Edit: To be clearer, yes, you can have multiple boards showing in a private window, you just need to check the checkbox as mentioned above (you can double-click the main entry for the Private Window to get back to its settings), add both map boards by right-clicking on “Map Boards” and selecting “Add Board”, and then define the board layout by double-clicking on the “Map Boards” entry, then selecting “Select Default Board Setup”, then adding a second row or column and putting each of your boards in one row or column.

If you’re wanting to only see 1 board at a time, but be able to swap between the 2, then Brian is correct, you will need to create 2 separate windows (you could then use a Dynamic Property with a prompt to ask the user which board to show when clicking on an Action Button, if you want to somehow make it appear that it’s only window with 2 different views–this is complicated: you would need to set up a Trigger Action from the Action Button which triggers the DP prompt, then 2 more Trigger Actions with the same key command, one restricted to if the DP is German, which then calls the Global Hotkey to open the German map, the other restricted to Italian, which calls that Global Hotkey instead).

Thank you both for your replies. I shall need to play around a little but I think the suggestion of adding a column or row to accommodate the second board might be the answer.

In answer to the question “Did you check the ‘Can contain multiple boards?’ checkbox?” The answer is “Yes” but I didn’t realise how to take things on from there. I thought I just had to provide the second board and the option for the player(s) to select the one they wanted would be automatically generated but I guess that was naive :blush:

Hopefully, this will sort things out but I may need to come back for some more advice - hope you guys will still be lurking.

Just to say that the additional column worked like a charm and, thanks to you guys, I’ve made another step along the learning curve.

FWIW I’ve found “select board” behavior to be pretty counterintuitive myself. Glad you got it working!

It’s actually a very useful tool. Think of the map board as a spreadsheet and add a column (or row) to accommodate the second and subsequent board(s). I have one map board that has two and and another three boards and they all do the intended jobs.