Multiple die types in one roll

I’m working on an update to the monsterpocalypse mod and would love to have a good dice rolling system. In MonPoc, you roll 3 types of dice with different faces and values 0-2: Action, Blast, and Power. Currently there’s just buttons for each die type, but ideally you need to declare all the dice you’re rolling before you start to roll. Is there a good way to set up some sort of macro that you could roll X number of each die type in one line?

Ideally, it may be a button like the single die button, but you could put in 3 different values (like 2,3,2), hit ‘Roll’ and it would return in the window something like ‘Action - 0,1: Blast - 2, 1, 1: Power - 0, 1’.

Anyone have some pointers if there’s a way to make a button like that? There are already 3 buttons that can roll the dice separately, but combining them would be great.

What you need it a button that triggers all 3 dice and then combines the results with a report trait. The following example is off the top of my head so I can’t guarantee it will work but I believe it should.

I’m listing the traits here in execution order. Keep in mind that traits on a piece are executed from the bottom up so you would reverse them on the actual piece

Dice for this example are:

Name: D6
Hotkey: ALT 6

Name: D8
Hotkey: ALT 8

Name: D10
Hotkey: ALT 0

Your button would have the following traits

Action Button
Invokes key command - CTRL B

Trigger Action
Keystroke - CTRL B
Perform these keystrokes - CTRL 6, CTRL 8, CTRL 0, CTRL R

Global Hotkey
Keyboard Command - CTRL 6
Global Hotkey - ALT 6

Global Hotkey
Keyboard Command - CTRL 8
Global Hotkey - ALT 8

Global Hotkey
Keyboard Command - CTRL 0
Global Hotkey - ALT 0

Report on these keystrokes - CTRL R
Report Format - Roll is Action - $D6_result$, Blast - $D8_result$, Power - $D10_result$

That may not be exactly what you’re looking for but it should give you an idea of how to set it up.