Multiple map windows - conditional display

Hi there,

I’m adapting a preexisting mod (Battle of Westeros), and added a board side B. This board is quite different in terms of dimensions and I decided to duplicate the map window altogether for the sake of simplicity (on my side obviously).

Thinking about end-user experience, and based on the previous designer’s stuff, there’s a screen allowing you to setup a deck on the main map. This screen has to send decks to a specific pile, present on each map window. Obviously, as I duplicated these piles, there are now two of them.

Using trigger actions and a global property I can send the setup decks to either one of the actual piles, so I’m good on this front. What I’m lacking now is a way to conditionnaly display the “active” map window (that is display the map which name is contained in the property).

Thus far, what I did was to setup a global property with a change toggle. This property is either Board Side A or Board Side B, defaulting on Board Side A. What I’d like to do is to have a “Map” button which would display the map with the name set in the property.

I tried to use global key commands, not to avail it seems. Would anyone have suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

In a very brief description -
Give each map its own hotkey (say F1 and F2). Hide the map entries in a blanked out Toolbar menu. Use a Multi action button to set your variables via GKC etc… and open the correct map with matching hotkey