Multiple Map Windows -- Wrong Direction?

Hi all,
I am trying to learn VASSAL by updating a module. I added another scenario which changed the main map window significantly so I took the route of making a second window and based on a global variable I was hoping to choose either Window A or B. I cannot get it to work, but I am close.

I defined a multi-action button which goes to two global key commands. I then thought if the global variable is 1 (checked in matching properties), the first gkc would fire a hot-key to open map window 1. If global variable is 2, the second gkc would fire the hot key to open the second window. But alas, no go. IT DOES go to both gkc but does not fire the hot key. If I manually enter the hot keys the windows open as instructed.

Is VASSAL not set up to allow global key commands on a map window level or am I doing something wrong?