Multiple Mask/Reveal

I created a map window which holds several masked counters, all owned by one side. Everything works great, except I’d like to allow the masked counters to be revealed to the other player with a single button click. I’ve tried various button/menu options, but none seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?

Global key command to “flip” (unmask) the pieces.

Sorry, should have added more info… that does work, but it also allows the opposing player to unmask the units. Intention is to only let the owning player reveal.

Have the button activate a trigger on a control piece that only activates a GKC if the PlayerSide matches.

Ok, so Global Key Command sends a CTRL+9 and the counter has a GKC property such as this?

No, that’s a condition checking which pieces are affected by the GKC. You want the button to conditionally activate a trigger.

So “Trigger Action” with the correct PlayerSide?

Worked like a charm. I even added an ObscuredToOthers=true to keep it from masking pieces if they are revealed already.

Thanks for the help,
Jeff (and his wife and neighbors as well)

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