n00b - Adding files to existing VMOD

I’m trying to add 2 files to an existing module (one file an initial setup vsav, the other file for a new map window), but there must be something wrong with my workflow:

  1. Change the existing module’s file extension from .vmod to .zip in windows explorer
  2. Unzip the zip file to a folder
  3. Add the new files to the folders
  4. Rezip the file with a new name
  5. Change the extension from .zip to .vmod
  6. Select the new file in VASSAL with Edit Module (to add the links to the new files)

Now I get the error that the new file name is not a valid VASSAL module.

What am I screwing up?

You can skip steps 1-5.:slight_smile: Just open the vmod file in the editor and add the links. If files are required, you’ll be prompted to select them at the same time.

Wow, was I overthinking that!

Thanks for your help!

For future reference, the reason why it’s not a valid module is because you’re zipping the folder itself. Vassal doesn’t expect to have to go down a whole 'nother level to find the module files. Instead, you should go inside the folder, select all the files there, and then zip.