n00b question on Mouse-over Unit ID Display

This is my first attempt at building a module (I’m using V. 3.2.7) and things were going fine until my brain quit working. I know the solution is probably as easy as breathing but for the life of me I can’t get it to work the way I’d like it to work.

Anyway, in the module there are several players with a fair amount of units for each player. The scale is such that no unit is actually hidden from view but it might not be possible to actually tell what type it is depending on the distance from the observer. As there are several different states for each unit I’ve used layers to define those plus the first layer image is just a colored square with an arrow defining the owner and the units direction of movement.

What I’d LIKE to do is program the module so that the OWNING player ONLY can have the unit name displayed when he does a mouse-over on the unit making it easier to keep track of what’s where while minimizing an opponents intel.

I’ve gone through the forums and the design manual a couple of times in the past week and just can’t seem to get a handle on it. My brain needs a jump-start.


OK, it’s been over a month and nary a peep. I’ve been trying to solve this using the ‘Mask’ and ‘Restricted Access’ properties. No luck. Is my premise incorrect? Should I be doing it using different properties? DK.

I’ve attached screen prints of the Mouse-over properties, the make up of a unit prototype, basic unit and the Layer-Status for the unit. Here’s what happens (please note that I have tried to place the ‘Mask’ and ‘Restricted Access’ properties in every possible combination of positions I could think of:

  1. The Restricted Access doesn’t seem to work. I still have access to the opponents unit name(s) (instead of just a question mark) if I mouse over their stack.
  2. Every unit HAS to have ‘Orders’ (Layer-Orders) at all times. If I do a mouse-over of the stack, even if I’m the owning player, the unit name comes up as whatever the current orders for the unit happens to be. If, however, I insert a blank level in the orders layer and have that chosen the CORRECT unit name appears.

WTF am I doming wrong??? I can’t seem to get this one. :cry:


Brain really not working. Thought I sent these too, but didn’t.