Name appears as "0" When Reporting

For some reason, some of the counters in the module I’m making right now are showing up as “0” instead of their name, while others are not doing this. What may be happening?

Thank you,

Just had this happen!!! In my case, I had a Text Label with a label attribute in its Name Format in Properties, which should be $piece_name$.
Also, take a trip into your map(s) properties to see the format of its log file entries.

I checked both those things, but no dice. I thought it might be the nested Prototypes, but changing that didn’t help either…

Any other ideas? Do you need more info?

Ah, I think it’s the layer name…let me see if that fixes it…

Yes, Layer Name will substitute for the piece’s basic name if you are doing reporting based on $pieceName$.

Problem solved! Thanks for the help.


Thanks for asking. This will put an answer to this problem in the archives for others to follow later!! :slight_smile:

To be fair, it is in the Layer documentation:

“Level Name: Each level can be given an individual name, which is used to change the name of the piece for reporting purposes during play. The level’s name either replaces the piece’s normal name, or else modifies the piece’s normal name as a prefix or suffix.”

Even more clarity! :slight_smile: