<name>_Facing property help needed

I saw this property in the Wiki, but i’m unable to use it.
I’d want:

  1. A report action that show the current facing of a card (call it MASTER).
  2. Rotate a card (call it SLAVE) so it have the same facing of the MASTER.

How facing is affected by pivoting a card, instead of rotating it? Any chance that, if i have both the pivot and rotate traits, i can do one of the two actions and still have a “valid” facing property?

Sorry if i’m asking an already answered question… I searched the whole forum, but the search function “eats” the underscore in “_facing” and so i’ve got too much results… the ones i read are not about that property…

On Oct 8, 2010, at 7:36 AM, Parduz wrote:

the search function “eats” the underscore in “_facing” and so
i’ve got too much results… the ones i read are not about that

You can defeat that by enclosing the search string in quotes, so if
you enter “_facing” you would only get two search results. Which may
not help you too much:


The other result is to the FAQ entry that just lists the property.

(I’ll have to let someone else answer your specific questions.)

the only difference that i can tell between rotate and pivot is, rotate if not set in degree’s and pivot is a set degree of rotation. and you can run both on the same piece. pivot for preset rotates and rotate for more fine tuning.

someone please correct me if i am wrong in my generalisation.

Rotate means the piece will spin on it’s center point.

Pivot means the piece will move around a defined point. …like if you nailed down one corner of it.

ok but… what about the facing property?

I’ll be glad to help but I’m not quite sure I understand what it is you want to do.

Can you send me the module? Do you have Skype or Ventrilo?

eh… i have nothing of what you’re asking :neutral_face:
About the module, I was just experimenting. There’s a game in a developement state that uses maneuver cards just like the Wings of War boardgame serie: to move you have to:

  1. align a card to the front side of your counter -also, a card-
  2. align the back side of your counter to a line drawn on the card.
    The part 1 in vassal is tedious: other than sending the card from your hand to the table, all allignement must be done by keycommands (rotate) and with the mouse (align). I was trying to auto-rotate the card at the current counter angle, by reading the _facing property.
    But i’m not able to read it. So my first post is really what i need to learn:
  • how to write the _facing property in a report
  • how to rotate a card to the same value of the report
  • how facing is affected by pivoting

I think I got an idea of what you’re saying. Playing a card and having it rotate and place itself to match a counter on the board would be rather complex. I can’t think of a way off-hand to do that. You’ll probably just have to settle to manually manipulating it. Anyone else out there have any ideas?

I agree: it could be hard, if not impossible.
But just rotating the card to match the counter would be an improvement.
And even just reading the facing property and write it in a report could be a good tutorial anyway.