Names and movement reporting...

I’m doing some playtesting with my soon-to-be-completed module and have run across a head-scratcher.

I have created text labels to place on brigadier leader counters to indicate their current orders status.

When this is invoked, the reports on unit movement “identify” the leader as the name of his order status. In this example, we’re moving “Evans”, who is sporting the “Attack” order text label. I want the counter to be identified as “Evans” not “Attack”. (Please ignore the misidentified hex numbers; that’s another issue I’m working out! :slight_smile: )

I can’t figure out where in the Properties for the Brigadier prototype I will find the code to change the settings… I also don’t understand why a text label would ever supplant a unit’s name identifier.

Also, I’ve noticed that the text label I’m using to indicate step losses is supplanting the “names” of combat units.

Can someone help me out here?

Maybe a clue:
If you’ve used a “layer” trait, then check the “level name” (did you put “Attack” here?).
This will replace the basic name of the counter (and possibly the whole name including text labels, depending on traits order)

Another clue:
If you’ve used a “text label” trait (but it seems much more elaborated on the picture :wink: then check the “name format” field.
This will be the whole and only name reported for the counter (did you just put “Attack” or $label$ here?)

Thank you… you’ve given me some things to search out. Hopefully one of these will unlock the secret of this problem.

And if so, then I have to figure out the extent of the problem… whether it applies to a few units or all of the units of the same class (the prototype)…