Need to get max and value from Property Sheet

i want to push my module design some and add a new feature

I have ship counters with values in the property sheet. I can access the values in the value fields but now want the value and the max.

If my notation for the value is:

$Primary (heavy)$•$Secondary (none)$•$Tertiary (none)$

And it gives me for example 14•0•6 Which is what I want.

Now I want to get speed with a value set by a similar value as above, but want to express it as “value”/“max” in a label, how do I do that. Specifically how do I get the speed.max

I have tried:
$Move 2 - 1 .max$
$Move 2 - 1 .Max$
$Move 2 - 1 $.$Max$

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 1.52.33 AM
Any thoughts?