Nesting Lists in Turn Counter Sub-levels

I didn’t see anything about this, just a reference on an updates page that I couldn’t backtrack.

Does anyone know if it’s currently possible to nest Lists as part of the Turn Counter structure? I have a module where the sequence of play is similar to the following:

Turn 1

  • Board setup phase
    *** Check for automated movement
    *** Check for card draw
    *** Check for resource replenishment
  • Player action phase (choose one)
    *** Move
    *** Attack
    *** Repair
    *** Negotiate
  • End of Turn phase
    *** Check for reinforcements
    *** Reset attack / move status
    *** Determine End of Game status
    Turn 2

As you can see, the different phases have totally different lists, and not all lists are performed in their entirety each turn.

Can this type of structure be programmed at this point, or is this a feature destined for Version 3.2?

As always, any help is appreciated!


After returning to this dilemma, I did find the following link that sort of explains how to get this type of structure set up:

I found another example the other day, but I forgot to bookmark it, so this was all I could find at the moment.

However, this doesn’t answer one of my key questions–can you set up a certain level where the player can choose one item out of several actions, but ONLY one? From all the examples that I have seen, the Turn Tracker must increment through all levels all the time. Is there a way to restrict a player to one of several choices and then “lock out” the other options, forcing the player to move on to the next phase?

As always, any help is appreciated.