New Game Splash Screen

I am using a 600*373 jpg as the splash screen that shows up under About Module and also in the New Game Wizard. The problem is, that in the New Game window, the entire image isn’t show by default. I can expand the window and move the center divisor to get the whole image to show.

Attached is an image showing this situation. The top part is upon starting a new game, the bottom is after manipulating the window to expand it, etc.

Is there a way to force vassal to show the entire splash screen at the new game prompt?

Thanks in advance,

Thus spake “heliopolix”:

This is a known problem with the wizards in VASSAL. The current plan is to
entirely rewrite the wizards for 3.2. For now, there’s nothing you can do
about it (unless you want to help with the wizard-rewriting project).


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