New Pieces

I’m looking for some guidance concerning editing a module. I didn’t design/submit the module but would like to add a few additional pieces/markers to allow me to employ rule modifications I use for the board game. I guess my first question would be is this allowable for my own use?

Presuming this is within usage rules, I can not seem to add these new markers; part of the problem is my dog is more computer savvy than myself. I’ve made it into add new pieces, brought over some basic info for markers, (basic piece, delete, clone), and added an image. When I try to save the module I get a pop up, “Unable to write file”. The details are lengthy and the dog is unable to assist.

If what I want to do doesn’t break any usage agreements, I would greatly appreciate some help with this. The markers I would like to add are pretty generic; control markers with a flag image, resource hex, factory hex, and so on. They don’t require any values to be attached.

Thanks much,

As for this specific part–it sounds an awful lot like you are a Windows user and are saving modules in the same folder where VASSAL is installed (likely C:\Program Files\VASSAL or similar).

You should never do this. Modules can be saved almost anywhere else you want, provided it’s not in the C:\Program Files hierarchy at all. The best place is in your home directory somewhere: My Documents, C:\Users*your username here*\Modules, etc.

You are free to modify any module you want, and to upload it. However, it is customary to at least make an attempt to contact any original module creator if you intend to basically just “slightly alter” their module. They may not see the same need for the changes that you do. You don’t have to do that, but it is a nice gesture.

You can also build your own version of a module, give it a different “version number” altogether, and upload that under its own steam. Users will determine for themselves if they’d rather play using your module or someone else’s.