New PuG Module adjustments for me

How, specifically, do I change this module so that cards are all drawn face down. The checkbox (for face down draw) is currently clicked but the cards are still drawn face up. What have I NOT done? I saved it and saved across all scenarios but still they are drawn face up into the Allied or Central Powers Hand. Of course, I want to use Stuka Joe method of play but that relies on all cards being drawn face down.

After a quick review, I’d say there’s a few things you’ll need to do. The draw piles as you noted are already configured to draw things face down, but the reason they aren’t behaving that way is that each player hand window is applying a keystroke to all pieces ending movement there, and all the cards are designed to have a Trigger that receives this keystroke and fires the key command on the Mask trait. So in short, they’re being automatically flipped face up when they land in the player hand.

You could edit the config of both the CP Player Hand and AP Player Hand windows to get rid of this keystroke (clear out what’s circled in red):

This still won’t get you all the way there. The Mask trait on the cards themselves will need an edit. Look in the APC and CPC prototype definitions:


Edit the Mask trait in each. The display style for masked cards is set to use this “frame” image that lets you see through to the card contents even when facedown if you’re the one who draws it. Change this to match the actual card back image that is used above (what everyone else who didn’t draw the card would see when it’s face down).

From there: Tools → Refresh Predefined Setups, save the module, and run it.

Wow!! Pretty complex but thanks for your help. I’ll give it a try.

Worked perfectly. Thanks again!