New stack, predefined setup, old module

I am updating a module for Demyansk Shield.

It has two predefined setups. I need to create a new deck on a separate map window with counters from the game. Is there a way to do it without manually preparing new setups?

Nay, I would need to create new setups. Alas!

Previous discussion on the same problem:

Linked wrong thread in the post above. This one is the right one:

Haha yes you found it. Best to build them again.

One thing I have done in some of my modules is create a sequence of Global Key Commands which will create/move all the pieces for a particular scenario into the right place, so that when I need to build a new version of the module and recreate the old setups I can just hit the right key (wait over a minute) and then save the file out. Possibly you could pursue this strategy if it seemed worth it.

That’s a cool idea. Effort-wise, that’s the same amount of work as drag-dropping units from unit palette when setting up a scenario but is definitely more future-proof.