New to module creation

Hi all, new to creating modules and am having a problem with an Action Button on a counter.

I set the button up to just invoke a chart window, the key combination works fine, but the action button just refuse to work. Am I missing something basic, the action is on a counter, the counter is on the map. When I click on the counter, I get the highlight rectangle around it, but the action doesn’t trigger. I have tried making the button size larger than the counter to ensure I am clicking in the right place, still no joy. Do I need any other properties allocated to the counter to get this to work?

Many thanks in advance


Without actually seeing your module it is impossible for me to say why the action button is not working.

You can check my Hell Before Night module located here:

Click to edit module, go to Map, and then click on “Fortunes of War” (At Start Stack) and you will see the Action buttons. (I have a counter on the mapboard called Fortunes of War that has TWO action buttons on it. You click the “Flip” on counter and it causes the counter to flip over.)

Maybe this might help.

Ok think I sorted it. Added a Global Key as well, action button calls that and it pulls up chart window. Not sure if that’s how its intended to work, but it does.

Thanks for the reply iam2509, I’ll take a look at that as well. Learning as I go :slight_smile:

Regards Dave