Newb Problem with Movement Reporting

Hi All,
Long time vassal-user, not much of a module builder. I’m having trouble with a module I’m building for personal use. I’ve got the map in the module, created a zone (“Play Area”) for the portion of the map with the hex grid, added the hex grid, and I added hex numbering. The auto-report features are enabled, but the problem is that the hex numbers aren’t reported in the dialogue box - just the fact that the game piece “…moves Play Area → Play Area *”

The hex numbering uses “$gridLocation$” as its format (default) while the Main Map [Map Window] in the auto-report section uses “$pieceName$ moves $previousLocation$ → $location$ *” (also default). I can’t see an option in the “insert” drop-down menu for gridLocation. I tried changing $location$ * to $gridLocation$ but that didn’t work.

Any suggestions welcome.



The only thing you did not mention was the Zone where you “Define Shape”, the “Location Format” there should also be $gridLocation$ for the hex numbers to be reported.

Verify that and if it still does not work we will have to investigate further.

Stephen Oliver