New'b Problem

Hello everyone !!

I am creating my first project in Vassal , but some problems appear when I play online.

  1. Players are changing involuntarily player position 1,2,3 … for observer.

  2. I created a deck of cards for some players they usually work for others they are always showing the back and also can not see the cards of those players.

Hope someone can help me !!

Seeing the backs of cards (only) is by design. That means that cards are masked for opponents; only the owner of the cards (and any observers) can see all the cards (and even then a ghost of them through the back of the card).

You’re going to have to get into the Properties of your decks to figure out how to configure them and how to display them in the game. You can set the cards to display face up at all times… and you could take away masking from the cards, so that everyone can see cards (hint: make cards one-sided, with no “backs” at all), and there are no “secret hands”… I doubt you’re going to want that, however.

Also, try opening your module as a specific side, and observe how your view might be limited, then switch to another side and see what THAT view looks like.