Newbie Layer Question

I’m sure this is a simple thing, but I have a map on which I will place a game piece. Later I will place a different piece on that one. But if I happen to click the first piece the second one disappears behind it.
Is there an easy way to anchor the first piece to the bottom?
Oh, the pieces are set to Do Not Stack.
Thank you

Use the map-level feature called Game Piece Layers to classify pieces into different categories where top-to-bottom drawing order matters.

When you have multiple pieces with the Does Not Stack trait and that share the same drawing layer (or none defined at all), you lose all predictability about their top to bottom drawing order and cannot control it.

There is an easy way to do that.

In the editor, add the option for Game Piece Layers in your [Map Window]. In the “Property name for layers” box, give it a name like “MapLayers”. Then designate layers with the lowest on top of the list. For example: for fantasy game, I may have list like this.

Map (the lowest level)

Then go to the pieces (or piece prototype) and add the Marker trait. For “Property Name” add the name you gave to your Game Piece Layer in the map… in this case “MapLayers”. In the “Property Value” box, enter the level you want to reside in.

In that way, the piece that has a level designation lower on the list will always stand on top of pieces with a higher level designation on the list.

Thank you so much. I will do that.

Different Layers will not stack by default. So you may not need the does not stack property.

Thanks. I will check that out as well.