Newbie missing indication of movement distance.

Is there any way to get the LOS line (or another tool) when a piece is clicked on and dragged to show distance being moved? I’m not concerned about constraining or limiting, I just want both players to see how far a player is proposing to move a unit. This is on a non-gridded board.


Anyone? Is this possible?

You can define an LOS thread to be visible to other players, and to show range. Since your map is ungridded, you’ll need to define the number of pixels in each ‘range unit’. Make the thread persistence Always so all players can see it until it’s drawn elsewhere. This will give you a tool where you can draw on the map and the range between two locations is shown to both players.

The other way to do this might be to define a ‘measuring stick’ as a piece in the game, using your own graphics–it’d be a little ruler marked in centimeters, inches or game units, that a player can drag to the map, position and rotate as needed, and show proposed moves.