Newbie question about player hand windows

Hi there… I’m trying to hack together a prototype for a game. I have a good number of things working as I’d like them to, and the card decks and pieces are all drawing and working correctly in the main window, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it so that if I draw a card or a game piece I can drag it into the window of one of the player’s hands. I have five different player hands specified, and a separate window for each, but the cards/pieces will not go into those windows like I’ve seen them do in other Vassal modules.

Any help, especially with “for dummies” specificity, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much. :smiley:

Okay, I can partially answer my own question… I realized that I have to define at least one “player side” and choose that player to play with, and then that window will allow cards to be dragged into it… But the other windows still won’t… So if I want to play this as solitaire and be able to drag cards into several different player hands, then… ??

Define a player side “solitaire”
Add that player side to each of the map windows

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Yes! That’s it. Thank you, Tim.