No possible to Extract counters in a module with 7 Zip


I have a module but when i open with 7 Zip i can’t see and extract all the counters only a part appear and if i use the module i have all curious !

Indeed only generic counters appear with 7 Zip by ex for Soviet 22th Army but i can’t have with 7 Zip all the Divisions.

Module is here GJ 67号 激闘!タイフーン電撃戦 sako様

If someone can help me please.

There’s a file which appears to have a corrupted filename in the module’s images/ directory. Maybe 7-Zip isn’t handling that well. Try some other ZIP archive program. The Unix command line tool unzip seems to handle it fine.

Ok and thank you first time i have see this problem with 7ZIP and can you please before i start suggest me a good software for that ?

I would use the Unix command line tool unzip. But there are many other programs out there which can read ZIP archives.

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If you’re on a mac, the free BetterZip application is helpful. On ubuntu linux I use the built-in Archive Manager tool. Both will open up the .vmod as a virtual file system and let you examine files and open them with gimp or atom to edit and then let you save your changes back into the module before you close and re-save it.


Thank you but i have Windows 10 :slightly_smiling_face:

You suggest " Unix command line tool unzip " but to do the job i have to upload a software please can you explain to me the way ?

I don’t understand your question.

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No problem publisher give to me directly the counters.