Non-Rectanbular trait and layers

Is it possible to add the non-rectangular trait to layers of a base piece (i.e. flipping a counter)?
Nothing I have tried so far gives me a way to do this.


Add a layer?

My problem is that I cannot add the non-rectangular trait to the layer.

If you’re trying to say you have a piece that is not horizontally symmetrical, so the non-rectangular trait needs to be different when flipped, no, I don’t think that’s possible. The best work-around I can think off is to use the Replace with Other trait to actually replace the piece when it’s “flipped”, instead.

Essentially no,the Non-Rectangular shape is defined for the entire GamePiece, not for individual layers within a Layer trait.

If all layers have the same shape, you could load a Non-rectangular shape that matches all of them. Or a shape that encompasses all of them. But you can’t have it change.

To have the NR Shape change for different states of a unit, you would need to use a ‘Replace wit Other’ trait to complete replace the piece with a different version (and Replace with Other to get back to the original). This can work if you are just flipping between 2 states, but will become painful if you have multiple different Shapes you want to change between.

it’s difficult to give advice without knowing what the actual design issue you are trying to implement is, there may be other ways to approach the issue.


I am not trying to have different shapes for each side. The image is a triangle for both sides. The non-rectangular shape works for the front side, but not the back. The game is Geronimo, and the pieces are the villages, if that helps at all.

The game is Geronimo, and the pieces are the villages, if that helps at all.

Nope, never heard of it. Post a link to your module and a Save or Log file that demonstrates the issue and I will have a look.


Sometimes trait order matters–is the Non-rectangular trait above or below the Layer trait? Some traits need to be listed after/below other traits that they are supposed to affect (not sure if that’s true of the NR trait or not).

That’s it. Most traits need to be below others that you want them to effect.
I feel a bit foolish now, but it works.