Number of Pieces left in a Deck


I need to display how many pieces are left in a deck without allowing specific cards to be drawn. Preferrably by hovering the mouse over the deck or by right-clicking, but anything that works would be appreciated.

My pieces have a front and back image but they ignore the face-up, face-down setting for the deck. Is it the same thing as the Mask setting? (Currently the “back” is defined as a Layer.)

Thank you.

One way to do this is to check the box in the decks properties that says “Perform counting of property expressions”.

Then create an At-Start stack somewhere that can be seen by the players. Use a Text Label trait in the At-Start stack piece to display the current count in the deck.

For example: Let’s say your deck is named TankCards

Then in the Text entry in the Text Label’s properties, you can put in something like

Number of Tank cards left = $TankCards_numPieces$

In game, this will display as

Number of Tank cards left = 12

The mask is what you want displayed on the card when it is face down. The second half of the mask trait allows the card’s owner to see the card with some sort of symbol or graphic on it to show that it’s still masked (face-down) to others.

Great. Thanks for the help and such a quick response.