Numbering Mismatch

(Probably asked a lot) I’m trying to set up a numbered map grid, but my numbers are off. That is, I move a piece to 0302 and the report shows 0403. How do I bump every over 1 to the left and 1 up?

Your map will have a Hex Grid associated with it. The grid has a numbering component, here’s an example (Battlefield Zone has a hex grid, which is numbered):

You can change the offset (ie where the grid numbering starts), in each dimension (X,Y):

Hope that helps.

Well, I seem to have figured it out. It’s not in Grid Numbering but in the immediately above Hex Grid. Appaarent that’s what the X and Y offset do. I massaged the numbers and got it to work, although I’m not sure what the numbers mean.

Thanks for the reply!