Offset in stacks

I am trying to make it obvious when there is more than one counter in a stack, and normally this is achieved by offsetting the counters a little bit, at least the top ones.

But for some reason, I have counters that stubbornly places themselves right on top without offset so that it is impossible to see that there is more than one counter.

These counters, planning marker, should always be on top, but they are in their own map layer so that the entire layer can be switched off, and the planning markers become hidden. Could it be that the special map layer prevents drawing a proper stack?

How can I retain the possibility of turning the planning markers invisible, and still have stacks drawn properly?

Well, that’s how layers are implemented. Counters in different layers stack are essentially ‘Do Not Stack’ with respect to each other and stack into separate stacks in the same location.

There is no way in standard Vassal to have counters in different layers stack apart for operation purposes, but stack together for drawing purposes.

You have a couple of options:

  1. Have the planning counters on the same layer and just drop them on the top of the stacks. That is what most modules do.
  2. Drop your planning counters in an adjacent Hex and have an arrow on them pointing to the stack they refer to. I have also seen this approach in modules.
  3. Make a larger than normal planning counter with a square hole in the middle that allows the target stack to be seen through. Never actually seen this done, but it should work.

Thanks, Brent. Your last idea gives me an idea: make the planning counters slightly smaller than other counters!

Your first idea was my first idea too, but then I had to give up the button that could toggle invisibility on all the planning counters at once. Is there another way of implementing such a toggle?

I don’t know if this will work, but could you add a layer trait for the invisibility? One layer is the usual planning counter image, the other is an empty image. Set the layer to follow a Property Value (of a Global Property), and use a GKC to toggle the associated property.

Edit: If you can’t select an empty image for a layer, you could also create a 1-pixel transparent PNG (or download one).

Thanks, jrwatts. I have to experiment with that. There already about 8 layer traits, and I do not know how it feels to move through the layers and suddenly the counter disappears, but it might work.