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Crap, I just updated all of the pre-defined setups in my EuroFront II module, then minutes later discovered I made a mistake with a prototype which is in every single block. This may be getting desperate but, in a savegame, how do I change BlackBlock.jpg to BlackBlock.png? Is there a simple way of doing this or do I need to write an application?


Thus spake “bsmith”:

You might also try Brent’s new module updater. If I understand correctly,
it should be able to handle this situation.


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I’m not sure that I understand the problem completely, but you could unzip the module and manually replace BlackBlock.jpg with BlackBlock.png in the images directory of the zip file.

Or you could unzip the module, and edit “buildFile” manually in a text editor (not a word processor). Do a search and replace with BlackBlock.jpg to BlackBlock.png.

Editing the buildFile directly is sometimes faster (but it doesn’t always work). The developers were very smart in using ordinary text XML for the config file (Thanks guys).

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