One-person visibility

So, I’m working on a module for a game that tracks supply points. Instead of being out on the map, like with OCS, these are always associated with HQs and the like, and are one of the only pieces of hidden information.

The easy way to do this would be to have a window that tracks all the supply available to a side with counters and tracks, and then define sides and restrict access to the window by side.

But I was thinking it’d be nice to just associate with the HQs directly (say with a property sheet). So, define sides, restrict the property sheet command by side.

But, property sheets are actually a pain to use. What I’d more like to do would be a graphical display of the current value, probably activated by a global button. Setting that sort of thing up (dynamic variable, display layers by current value) is something I can do… but is there any way to do it so only one person sees the supply numbers?