Over 1000 Cards by Hand?

Is there another way with vassal that I can finish my vmod other than adding 1000 unique cards one at a time? I have read there may be one day a multi-add feature…I simply can’t wait that long (since last I saw it should have been out a year ago). Any help?

You could edit the build file XML directly.

Whats a good program to do that with? I can get a list of my card files from the directory on my computer. But, how do I cut and paste that into the build file efficiently? There also seems to be some text at the end of each line that changes from card to card in the build file.

I do it with a text editor by hand, but I haven’t done 1000s yet. I would probably write a simple text output script/program. There are several things that change on each XML item. The id is in there twice as well as the piece name, in the attribute and at the end, and the image file name changes of course. Other traits might be different for your cards.

Thus spake “arrukus”:

There’s some code in the trunk that Brent wrote which will create pieces
from a directory of images. That will be in VASSAL 3.2, which I expect
we’ll release sometime over the summer.


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