Panzer Furor

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

Any rate here are some screenshots from testing of Panzer Furor tonight. Scenario 13 “Fortified Goose Egg”, turn two…

Hope to make this available for playtesting soon.

The game designing is coming along. I am almost ready to alpha test it.

In the meantime I will be streaming in the evenings as I do solitaire playtesting and coding.

So, if you are interested feel free to stop by at for live streaming action or to watch old sessions.


Ack. I meant

I am almost ready to release this for alpha/beta testing.

I set up a website

In there are links to

a) A form for this
b) A testing reporting system
c) A link to some videos to give you an idea what it is like. I will be adding more videos tomorrow.

d) The download section is empty for now as I do the final preparations for 0.0.a.1. I the meantime feel free to set up accounts in advance if you are interested in helping test this out. There will be alot of maps and scenarios added over the next few months. I expect to officially release this in Spring '14. The game itself is quite playable so we can go at it off the bat. I also intend to release an SDK for extensions (making your own map packs and scenarios, and possibly unit packs down the road).



Version 0.0.a.1 will be available via torrent sometime tomorrow evening to kick off alpha testing. Go to for details. I expect to have this ready for an official release sometime in Spring '14.


Version 0.0.a.1 is now available via bit torrent: … .1.torrent

Keep in mind this is the first alpha build, and there will be many more updates. I feel the basic game is ready for play testing. Sign up for the forum and problem tracking site (only if you want to be an official alpha tester for now, but it is not required). Go to for details.

Version 0.0.a.2 is now available via bit torrent

Looks like I didn’t put the correct release version into the a.1 zip file. OK, so you need to get this update to get that setup right: … .1.torrent … .2.torrent

To update to 0.0.a.2:
First get 0.0.a.1, and unzip into a directory such as C:/VassalModules if you haven’t already done so.
Then get 0.0.a.2 and unzip it into the same folder.

All updates will be distributed in this manner for now until I can come up with a better method of keeping updated.

Version 0.0.a.2 cumulative is now available via bit torrent. So this is a complete install. Sorry about the confusion. LOL I always have a glitch during releases. … ve.torrent

Version 0.0.a.3 is now available via torrent. This is an important update since you are now notified when you start up the game of any new updates for the module or map packs when they are available along with a url for obtaining them. This will make things alot easier for everyone.

Go to for details.
Torrent link is … te.torrent (for complete set of files ~60 MB)