Pax Britanica module

I’m curious if anyone has thought about making a module for this game? What game would be a good similar game to copy? I’m thinking possibly Empires of the Middle Ages possibly but perhaps there is a better one.

Have you looked inside any other modules already? Are there any specific features you are looking for ideas about?

I’m so new at Vassal. I’ve only been on for a couple of weeks. I haven’t had a chance to go through too many. I’ve found somebody my favorite games already on and have looked for others like Pax that aren’t. As I learn and explore I’ll have more of an answer

Yeah that sounds like a good plan. Look at the implementations of your favourite games and see how they work. I would not be surprised if you can’t find one game that would serve as an exact model, but by looking at your favourite games you will at least learn how VASSAL works.

If you have specific questions about about how to solve a specific problem that would be a good question.