PBEM or live, GBoH, Guns of August, Hannibal, etc!!!

Hello everyone

I’ve just started using vassal and am eager to find some new opponents instead of always playing with the same few people that I know also play wargames.

Some games I’d love to try over vassal are…(in no particular order)

-Guns of August (Avalon Hill WWI grand strategy game)

-Hannibal, Rome vs Carthage (Avalon Hill)

-War and Peace (Napoleonic Wars)

-SPQR or Great Battles of Alexander (GBoH series)

-Commands & Colors Ancients

-Paths of Glory (GMT)

-Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT)

-Rise of the Roman Republic (GMT, Ancient World Series)

-Carthage, First Punic War (GMT, Ancient World Series)

-For the People (GMT, American Civil War)

Or multiplayer:

-Sword of Rome (4-5 players)

-Napoleonic Wars (2-5 players)

-Here I Stand (6 players)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some games. So, if you like any one of these games or something in the direction of these games, post here and we’ll get in touch!



Hi i like to play one of the multiplayer games, but i have not played one of them yet.

My order would be: Here I Stand, Napoleonic Wars, Sword of Rome

Is it possible to play them my eMail or only ftf?

Hello Red Fox,

I would love to try a multiplayer game over vassal as well! However, we would have to find a couple more players, obviously. You say you haven’t played any of those games? Do you own any of them so you can check it out and read the rules?

I have never done it, but I’m sure it’s possible to play them by email. It would probably just take pretty long because the game would involve more than just 2 players.

Here I stand is a very complicated game. hehe
My personal favorite is Sword of Rome, but I don’t think Vassal has the 5 player version. Napoleonic Wars is best played with 4 players. :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,
no i own non of the three games, but the rules for them are accessible on the GMT homepage.
The problem with live play is that i´m from Germany, so it could be hard to find a term, because of timeshift.

Ha, well at this time I am in Germany as well. I am half German and am home for the summer, but attend college in the United States.

I think it would be difficult to find 4 other players for Here I Stand. Napoleonic Wars can be played with 2 players, but it would be good if we could find 1 or 2 more.

Sword of Rome works with 4 players; I don’t think vassal offers the 5 player edition.

If you are from Germany, is it possible you were at the convention on Braunfels? Do you perhaps know anyone else who would be willing to join us for a multiplayer game?

As for available times, I am usually free, at least until I go back to college in August. :slight_smile:

I also want to try one of the multiplayer games. I have never played any of them (and I don’t own them) so I will need to read the rules before we start playing.
I would also like to play hannibal or C&C:A sometimes :smiley:

By the way, I’m from Sweden

Hello Rike,

Excellent, glad to hear! :slight_smile:

So we have 3 people now. 4 is ideal for the Napoleonic Wars or Sword of Rome. That means we need one more. =P

Have you played Hannibal or Command and Colors? If so, I’d be ready to give it a shot whenever you’d like. Perhaps even this weekend or next week in the evening sometime?

Yes I’m very familiar with both games (especially C&C) and I own C&C (and I have just borrowed Hannibal from my father :smiley: )
I’m also quite free, what about on Sunday?

Yeah only one more now

Ahhh ok, excellent!

How about Sunday afternoon? 15:00 maybe? If we don’t finish, we could always save it and continue another day. I’d be interested in playing Hannibal, but if you prefer C&C we could also try that, though I admit that I have only played it once or twice. ;)

Hopefully one more person will see this thread and be interested…

15.00 works fine and so do Hannibal :smiley:
Looking forward to it!

Maybe we should post a new, more specified, thread to find the last player? On the other hand this thread has only been up for three days, so maybe we should give people an opportunity to answer to this thread before we start a new :smiley:

No, it’s a good idea. I’ll post one asap. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Do you have any other means of being contacted, such as msn or aol messenger? Do you use skype?

I don’t have skype. But I do have msn, try poih at passagen dot se and you will probably find me :slight_smile:

We might have a forth player. I created threads at bbg asking for opponents, both in the sword of rome page and the one for napoleonic wars. We have got an answer!
But he can’t play live so we have to decide how to play, it doesn’t matter for me, what do you think?

I added you on msn Rike, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow at 15:00 CET.

Well, I would prefer to play live. I’ve never played by email, but I imagine it would take a very long time with 4 people. Also, I don’t see how it would work with the cards because there are response cards that players can play when it’s not their turn. =/

Ok Rike/Red Fox,

I have 2 people I am going to ask to join us. If neither of them can play, would you two want to play Napoleonic Wars instead of Sword of Rome? It works fine with 3 people, even with 2.

One player plays France, the other Britain, and the last Austria/Russia. I’d have to reread the rules as well as I haven’t played in about 4 years. Let me know what you think and I will tell you by Thursday if we have a 4th player.

Also, would you have time to start this Saturday?

Works for me and if we only get 3 players I’m up for a game of tnw :slight_smile:

mkay Rike & Red Fox,

My two other players said they probably wouldn’t be able to make it on Saturday so they didn’t want to promise they would be there. So, if you guys want, we’ll play Napoleonic Wars on Saturday at 12:30? Would that work for you two?

jep 12:30 will be fine

Works for me too!

Excellent. See you guys Saturday then!