Peek (or similar) available to all players

I have a game where a set of cards is dealt face down and each player is allowed to peek at some cards prior to choosing one. I have something similar working in a module, but when the cards are dealt, they belong to the player who triggered the deal action. While the opponent can access the cards and mask/unmask and select the peek action, the peek only shows the back image to the opponent while the side that dealt the cards sees the front. Reading the docs, it appears that the peek is tied to the original masking player and cannot be changed even with the unmask by any player setting.

Anybody have a workaround so that both sides could peek at the cards before selecting one? My only idea is to have them draw the cards to their player hand and then put back the cards they don’t keep. But this requires having the players unmask then mask the cards during the process. A draw and return to deck process doesn’t work in this instance because the cards are all laid out face down in a grid fashion.

You can specify who is allowed to “mask” the cards, and can allow both players to do so; in that case, both players would be able to peek.